Updates from the Practice Team

Fees alteration 1 Dec 2018

Dec 05 2018

From 1 December 2018, in alignment with Government policy, we now offer free consultations for under 14 year olds and offer reduced fees for Community Services Card (CSC) holders.  We apologise, but this has meant there has had to be some restructuring of our other fees.


Nov 05 2018

Please be aware, when booking a Driver's medical appointment to request a 30 minute appointment with your regular GP (for patients up to the age of 74 years).

For patients over the age of 74 years, please book a  30 minute nurse appointment, followed by a 15 minute appointment with your regular GP

Have your flu vaccine!

Sep 26 2018

It is still not too late to get your flu vaccine. 

Fee changes

Sep 26 2018

Unfortunately due to an increase in the cost of providing quality primary care service we had to increase fees we charge for some of our services

Flu vaccines and funded Shingles vaccinations available

Jun 21 2018

Please book an appointment with a nurse if you want your funded Shingles vaccines (65-79 year old).  It also not too late to have your Flu vaccination!

Flu appointments

May 30 2018

Please ring practice when you want to book a flu vaccine appointment.

Nurse Practioner bookings

Apr 23 2018

Yvonne Morgan is our certified Nurse Practioner (NP).  Nurse practitioners are highly skilled autonomous health practitioners who have advanced education, clinical training and demonstrated competency. They have the legal authority to practice beyond the level of a registered nurse and can prescribe medication. You can now book appointments with Yvonne through Manage My Health or by calling the practice on 04 2341404.

Please call the practice to make an appointment for one of our Flu clinics.

Apr 13 2018

Information about Flu;


Change of enrollment policy

Apr 10 2018

Currently, we are only enrolling new patients who have recently come to live in Whitby (have a Whitby address) and have no local GP. Regards, Directors Whitby Doctors ( April 2018)

The Flu Vaccine is here!

Apr 10 2018

It is free for pregnant women, people with a chronic health condition and anyone 65 years of age and over. Please phone 04 2341404 to book an appointment in one of our Flu Clinics

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