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Non funded Flu vaccine available

Jul 16 2019

We have a limited supply of non funded Flu vaccines available. For patients above 3 year of age. Please ring reception 04 2341404

Books currently closed

Jul 16 2019
Currently, Whitby Doctors books are closed.  We are unable to accept new patients at this current time.  Please keep an eye on this website for future updates.  There is no waiting list available.

Flu Vaccine Shortage

Jun 07 2019
There is a shortage of flu vaccines now and vaccines to be given to funded groups only for the moment. 

To ensure that those most in need can get the influenza vaccine, the Ministry of Health is asking General Practices and Pharmacists to ensure they closely manage their stock levels and only vaccinate those who are eligible for publicly funded vaccines: Pregnant women, those aged 65 and over, children aged 4 and under with serious respiratory illnesses. People with severe asthma, heart disease, diabetes and other serious health conditions that make them more susceptible to influenza. Please call the nurse to discuss if you are eligible for the Flu Vaccine.


Update on Measles

May 16 2019

The Ministry of Health has advised that the priority for measles immunisation is;

- Maintaining the 15 month and 4 year MMR immunisations

- People aged under 50 years who have never had Measles immunisation or measles disease

Please see Health Navigator website for more information. https://www.healthnavigator.org.nz/

Flu Vaccine available for over 6 months

May 16 2019

Flu vaccine is available for over 6 months. Please book an appointment with the nurses. Ensure you are protected!


Apr 04 2019

Currently, Whitby Doctors books are closed.  We are unable to accept new patients at this current time.  Please keep an eye on this website for future updates.  There is no waiting list available.



New patient portal @ Whitby Doctors is not to our required standard

Apr 01 2019

Since last week we have a new Patient Management  System called Indici in place.

The patient portal is not working to the standard we were used to with Manage My Health. We first want to solve any issues we have before signing up existing or new patients to My indici.

Please keep an eye on our website. We will update this when we are registering patients to the new patient portal.



From the Nurses - Flu / Measles Update

Mar 28 2019
FLU Clinics start April 2

Book with our new patient portal or email - enquiries.whitbydoctors@gmail.com

Please note- The Flu vaccine for 6m to 3 yr olds is not available until mid April
MEASLES- we are currently experiencing a high phone call volume. Our current priority is vaccinating ages 15 months to 28 yrs who have not had 1 documented MMR vaccine. 
If you are querying or booking a 1st MMR for this age group please call or email for an appointment.
Other patients please email your specific vaccine query and we will reply within a week.
General info see -

New computer system @ Whitby Doctors from 25 March

Mar 18 2019

For the upcoming two weeks there will be less appointments available because all staff will be trained to learn a new patient information system called Indici. The reason for us to implement a new system is it will give our patients and our-self better service options in the future.

We will be closing at 4 pm this week on Wednesday (20/3) and Thursday (21/3)

We are expecting there will be some minor problems and we appreciate your patience with our staff.

Kind regards, Miranda Wassenaar ( Practice manager)


Measles update 18/3/2019

Mar 18 2019

Measles Update as at 18th March 2019

Currently there are no known cases in the Wellington region.

We are vaccinating children at 15 months and 4 year as usual. The advice is not to bring the vaccines forward at this stage. 

If you are over 50 years you are deemed immune if you grew up in NZ. 

Born after 1968 1 measles vaccine over the age of 12 months gives 95% immunity.

We are receiving phone calls from adults unsure of their immunity. For some we can check your notes, please email  (enquiries.whitbydoctors@gmail.com) if you would like this option or use our patient portal. Allow a week for the reply currently.

It is recommended adults born after 1968 have documented evidence of 2 MMR's (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) given after 12 months of age. 

Our current priority is children, adolescents and young adults who have had no doses.  There is enough vaccine supply for this currently. 

Once we have full stock available we will encourage 2nd doses. 


For more information please check out ;



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